Past Event – 2012 Program

GlobusWorld 2012 was held April 10-12 at Argonne (near Chicago Illinois, USA). The agenda with links to presentations can be found below.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – Tutorials
11:00a – 1:00p Lunch & Registration
1:00p – 2:15p General Tutorial: Introduction to Globus Toolkit & Globus Online
Led by: Borja Sotomayor, Lisa Childers, Raj Kettimuthu
Abstract: In this tutorial, we will provide an overview of Globus Online and the Globus Toolkit, with demonstrations and user tips.
2:15p – 2:30p Break
2:30p – 3:45p Developer Track: Globus Online CLI and Advanced Scripting
Led by: Lisa Childers, Karl Pickett, Raj Kettimuthu
Abstract: In this tutorial attendees will explore advanced usage of Globus Online via the Command Line Interface (CLI), and how to use scripts for controlling Globus Online operations. (tutorial materials)
2:30p – 3:45p Admin Track: Globus Online Endpoint Setup with Globus Connect Multi-User
Led by: Borja Sotomayor, Lukasz Lacinski
Abstract: In this tutorial for resource administrators, we will walk attendees through the process of using Globus Connect Multi-User to easily set up a resource for file transfer.
3:45p – 4:00p Break
4:00p – 5:15p Developer Track: Integrating with the Globus Online API
Led by: Bryce Allen
Abstract: This tutorial will teach developers how to use the Transfer REST API, for programmatic interaction with Globus Online. Examples will demonstrate using the Transfer REST API to integrate Globus Online with Java and Python clients and Web–based portals. (exercises)
4:00p – 5:15p Admin Track: Advanced Endpoint Configuration with Globus Toolkit
Led by: Borja Sotomayor, Raj Kettimuthu
Abstract: This tutorial will teach resource admins advanced processes for configuring file transfer endpoints using the latest version of the Globus Toolkit (GT 5.2).
5:15p – 7:15p GlobusWORLD Welcome Reception
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
7:30a – 8:30a Registration & Continental breakfast
8:30a – 10:00a Opening Keynote: State of the Union & New Product Announcements
Ian Foster and the Globus Team
Abstract: In his welcome address, Ian Foster will provide participants with a review of accomplishments since the last GlobusWORLD 2011 as well as an overview of the Globus vision for 2012. In addition, other Globus team leaders will make product announcements and preview coming attractions.
10:00a – 10:30a Coffee Break
10:30a – 12:00p Globus Online Experiences
Led by: Paul Davé, UChicago
  • Argonne National Lab – Katrin Heitmann, Physicist/Computational Scientist, High-Energy Physics and Mathematics and Computer Sciences Divisions
  • NYU Langone Medical Center – Stratos Efstathiadis, Technical Director, High Performance Computing Facility Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
  • Dark Energy Survey – Donald Petravick, Senior Project Manager, NCSA
  • BIRN – Carl Kesselman, Director, Center for Medical Informatics, Information Sciences Institute, BIRN Principal Investigator

Abstract: In these sessions, users will describe their experiences working with Globus Online, including specific achievements and lessons learned.

12:00p – 1:30p Lunch
1:30p – 2:30p Keynote Address: XSEDE: A Case Study in Forming a Foundation for a Cyberinfrastructure Ecosystem
John Towns, PI and Project Director, XSEDE and Director, Persistent Infrastructure, NCSA
2:30p – 3:00p Integrating with Globus Online
Steve Tuecke, Globus Co-Founder, UChicago and ANL
Abstract: In this session, Steve Tuecke will explain the process of integrating a campus resource or other services with Globus Online.
3:00p – 3:30p Coffee Break
Demo Table: ‘Twister Iterative MapReduce: Cross platform scalable computing from clouds to HPC’, Judy Qiu, Yuduo Zhou, and Fei Teng, Indiana University
3:30p – 5:00p Campus Success Stories
Led by: Paul Davé, UChicago

Abstract: In these sessions, campus resource administrators will describe how they integrated Globus Online with their campus resources, and how it is being used by researchers at their institution.

5:15p Depart for party
6:00p – 9:00p GlobusWORLD 2012 Party and Dinner
Brookfield Zoo
Thursday, April 12, 2012
7:30a – 8:30a Registration & Continental breakfast
8:30a – 9:30a Keynote Address: Blue Waters and Globus Online
Michelle Butler, NCSA Technical Program Manager, Storage Environments Lead for Blue Waters Project
9:30a – 10:00a Product Roadmap
Steve Tuecke, Globus Co-Founder, UChicago and ANL
Abstract: In this session, Steve Tuecke will provide a look at the Globus roadmap for 2012, including upcoming features and premium offerings.
10:00a – 10:30a Coffee Break
10:30a – 12:00p Resource Provider Spotlights
Led by: Paul Davé, UChicago
  • ESnet – Brian Tierney, Computer Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • UChicago – David Champion, Sr. Systems Architect, Infrastructure Services
  • NERSC – Shreyas Cholia, Project Lead, Science Gateways and Grid Services, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • ALCF – Andrew Cherry, HPC Systems Administration Specialist, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Abstract: In this session, resource providers will explain how they integrate with Globus Online to provide a high-performance data movement solution for their users.

Resource Provider Panel
Moderated by: Ian Foster, UChicago and ANL
The resource providers above will field questions about Globus Online enablement and usage, as well as other challenges they face in supporting researchers.

12:00p – 1:30p Lunch
1:30p – 2:30p Community Spotlights
Led by: Paul Davé, UChicago

Abstract: This session will update participants on the experiences of select communities in providing Globus technologies for their members.

2:30p – 3:00p It Came From The Backlog
Led by: The Globus Developers
Abstract: In this session, developers will discuss how we manage the feature request backlog and give attendees an opportunity to help prioritize popular requested features.
3:00p Adjourn

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