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KU Leuven ICTS, Willem De Croylaan 52a, 3001 Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium
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8 July 2022
09:30—10:00 check in

We will demonstrate Globus capabilities from the perspectives of an end-user researcher. This is a introduction to the many features of the Globus web application and command line interface. Beyond simple file transfers, you will learn how to securely share data with collaborators, set up personal endpoints and manage linked identities for unified access to storage resources.

11:00—11:15 break

We will provide an overview of the various Globus capabilities that can be used to automate data flows, with particular emphasis on managing data from instruments such as next generation sequencers and cryo electron microscopes. This session will introduce the Globus command line interface (CLI) for integrating Globus tasks into scripts, and the Globus Flows service for more robust automation (including workflows that require a human in the loop). You will have the option to experiment with the CLI on virtual machines that we will provide.

12:00—13:30 lunch

We will provide a detailed walkthrough of installing and configuring a Globus endpoint and creating storage gateways and collections to enable data access. You will be able to follow along using virtual machine instances that we will provide. We will also review other features directed at system administrators, such as the console, usage reporting, performance tuning, and role management/permissions delegation.


With the previous session as context, we will introduce topics such as using multiple data transfer nodes for your endpoint, customizing identity mapping, and using Globus connectors to access non-POSIX filesystems such as iRODS and Amazon S3.

15:00—15:15 break

We will describe the various Globus APIs and demonstrate how developers can use them to integrate robust data management capabilties into their research applications. We will also provide an overview of advanced services such as Globus Search and tools such as the data portal framework that you can use to simplify data search and discovery.

Who Should Attend?

  • Sys admins who have deployed Globus (or are planning to deploy it)
  • Developers building web applications for research
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Globus for research data management

Why Attend?

  • Learn how Globus can simplify your data management
  • Expand your knowledge of Globus administration
  • Experiment with new Globus services
  • Learn how you can use Globus services in your research applications
  • Exchange ideas with peers on ways to apply Globus capabilities

Free Attendance!

Workshops are free to attend and open to all, but we do require registration since attendance will be limited by venue size.

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