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University of California, San Diego – BioMedical Library, Events Room
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Wednesday, May 8th
08:30—09:00 registration (light breakfast provided)

We will provide a summary review of Globus features targeted at those new to Globus. We will demonstrate how to transfer and share data, and install a Globus Connect Personal endpoint on your laptop. This introduction will provide important context for subsequent sessions - please make every attempt to attend if you are new to Globus or have limited understanding of the capabilities of the service.


We will review the process for creating a Globus endpoint on your HPC cluster, lab server, or other multi-user storage system. You will experiment with installing Globus Connect Server, and configuring a number of common options on the endpoint.

10:45—11:00 snack break (refreshments provided)

Globus supports management of Protected Health Information (PHI) including data regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). We will provide a detailed walkthrough of managing Globus endpoints to use high assurance features for managing protected data. We will demonstrate the key aspects of such endpoints, including how to configure additional authetication assurance, enforcing data encryption, and accessing audit logs.

12:00—13:00 lunch break (lunch provided)

We will present various use cases that illustrate the power of Globus data sharing capabilities, and provide hands-on experience with the Globus file sharing API.


We will review common use cases and demonstrate how the Globus command line interface (CLI) and API may be used to automate repetitive data management tasks.

14:30—15:00 snack break (refreshments provided)

We will use a Jupyter notebook to demonstrate how you can incorporate Globus capabilities into your own data portals, science gateways, and other web applications to easily manage large datasets in diverse research use cases.


We will demonstrate how Globus integrates with interactive platforms suchs as JupyterHub and web frameworks such as Django. We will also describe how to leverage the Globus platform—and Globus Auth in particular—to secure APIs when building your own web services.

Open Discussion on Audience Topics

Who Should Attend?

  • Sys admins who have deployed Globus (or are planning to deploy it)
  • Developers building web applications for research
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Globus for research data management

Why Attend?

  • Learn how the Globus platform simplifies development of web applications for researchers
  • Experiment with new Globus services and APIs
  • Exchange ideas with peers on ways to apply Globus technologies
  • Expand your knowledge of Globus administration features

Free Attendance!

Workshops are free to attend and open to all, but we do require registration since attendance will be limited by venue size.

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